Spin Ghar Hotel-1, Jalalabad City, Nangarhar, Afghanistan   02/14/2013

Hatsanda’s father got a job, as an “Advisor” to one of the ministry in Afghanistan, we moved to Afghanistan in 2012.  On February 12, we went to Jalalabad City for my brother in law funeral.  Due to the presence of Taliban in my district, I was unable to go to Chaparhar district to attend the funeral, neither could Hatsanda.  We decided to use that time and plant trees in Jalalabad city.  We bought trees and made signs for two dozen children and planted the trees in Spin Ghar Hotel.  The reasons we chose Spin Ghar Hotel were: 1)  It is the most historical , highly visited garden from Mongolian time.

2) It is well maintained, therefore, we would be assure that these trees are well taken care off.  It was a great moment.  Pic-2

The event was attend by a dozen of adult youth and well covered by the local, national and international media.  The Millatmal Foundation paid for all expenses.  Pic -3