Founder’s Message:​
Youth go green is a youth initiated, inspiring and youth driven, environmental cautious program that bring together youth, parents, community, public and businesses leaders together to jointly work for the best of environment and for the bright future of our next generations.  YGG is unique in many ways.   
I am thankful to God, who blessed my parents with such a great vision — to start this movement for me at the very beginning of my life, when I was just two years old.  
This project opened my eyes to see the world very differently. Within couple of years, my mission was spread globally.  I got the privileges to travel to five countries at age 7, meet with high level public officials in many countries and being invited by them to plant trees along with them and many children in six cities across four countries – Afghanistan, India, and the United States and Mexico.  I mobilized dozens of other kids to plant trees in their beloved countries.  I was so proud to help hundreds of the poorest children in Afghanistan, Mexico and India  to plant trees of life in their cities.
Doing this rewarding public service changed my life.  My efforts were well recognized and featured by many local, national and international media and I was honorably nicknamed “The Green Warrior”  (Linked to the Article) and “Little Ecologist.”  (Link to the Article).  In india, they made a beautiful movie about my program YGG. (Link to the Movie) During our projects, I met with notable politicians and public figures in the communities where we planted trees along with them and the children in those cities.
I was honorably invited to the stage to met with and present the flower I brought to Her Excellency, Secretary Hillary Clinton, during her historical presidential campaign speech June 2, 2016 at Balboa Park ,San Diego, California, USA.  (linked to the video)
I was honored to be invited  as “The Guest of Honor” by the mayor of Tijuana City, Mexico, and planted trees with him and dozens of Primaria Municipal School children.  It was a special privilege that the mayor awarded me with a plaque and I awarded him and one of his staff member with honorary plaques as “The International Ambassador of Youth Go Green.”  (Linked to the Movie) 
I am so excited that my school, Highlands Elementary School, and the La Mesa Spring Valley School District adopted my new version of YGG as “Student Go Green” and they are working on to implement the first project of its kind in USA in my city of San Diego, California.  I am so excited and can wait to see you all there.  Please join.  (Link to Student Go Green, LMSV School District)
I am so pleased and proud of my parents for making this unique choice for me.  I am sure that getting involved with us will change your life and your children’s life for the better as well.  The difference is that you don’t have to start from the scratch as we did.  We, as an established and experienced organization, are here to help you, guide, and assist you using an already tested process.  Please join us and make a difference in the life of your children and the lives of other children as well as in our beloved environment. Together, we can offer a gift of life — the gift of a tree — and we can inspire kids around the globe, creating hope, understanding, and cooperation.  We can change our environment, our climate, and the air we all breathe, the water we survive on and the land we all eat from and live in it every moment of our life. 
I am eager to warmly welcome you to this once in a lifetime opportunity.  I am waiting to hearing from you and personally welcome a board. 
Shulang / so long /            مرحبا،   سلام،