Although becoming a member or volunteer is always free of charges, however, you must be at least 18 years old or have parental informed consent to be involved if you are less than 18 years old.  At least one of the parents or legal guardian must be physically present along with you (a legal document to prove the relationship and authority to signed you in is needed) or an authorization form must be completed as required before you can participate.  For further details on membership terms and condition, click here.

  • Became a Member:

We are pleased to offer free membership to anyone who want to be a part of this highly exciting and most rewarding humanly, youth driven movement.  Please sign in to became our committed member and be the first to find out about our activities near you or on the other side of the globe, and get our publications and announcements on time.  There is no cost to become a member.   However, your Tax Deductible Contribution well always reach very far helping a disadvantage child to plant a tree of hope and call it “My Tree”  or “My City” in any part of the world you choose.


  • Start an Activity:

Starting a project is always fun and easy.  Find and invite a group of family members and or friend, even classmates (ages 5-25), provide them with the brochure and information and a permission to call our center, the rest will be fun to see what happens. The fun all starts right here.


  • Open a Chapter:

Our mission is global, and we are constantly looking for people to volunteer, starting our chapter in any city, state and the country they wish to serve.  Be the leader, be the champion, you name it we have it all.   Just kill that reluctance and you will be on your way to be the leader in your area.  You can start it alone, but , we will be there for you all the time.   At all starts right here


  • Be a Volunteer:

 There are always many options available to chose from.  Of course, to become a volunteer is always the most easy way to start becoming involved.  As a volunteer, you can help an event, recruiting others, or providing assistances per the management ‘s instruction.  Be a volunteer for this cause may be the most rewarding and exciting volunteer work you ever had the opportunity to have had.


  • Be a Sponsor:

 Yes, you can join us even if you are no longer a youth.  You can sponsor a disadvantage child cost of a tree plantation, an event, or purchasing certain number of trees or other needed items.  We are looking for sponsors to help us financially to start our own green house that will provide us with the low cost trees, which will help us provide more youth a chance to plant trees every year.  Your contribution to this cause as well as the building of concrete blocks to be used for signs with the youth names and other information is another area of common need.  Please feel free to give us a call to discuss with us many other options you could be involved with us.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.  Please contact us at : (Link to Contact us)